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Why Local Networks Are Key to Preventing Extremism and Hate

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Cities are increasingly at the frontline of global efforts to prevent extremist- and hate-motivated violence. They also possess advantages over national governments that make them uniquely equipped to identify and respond to these issues and ultimately build community resilience to counter these threats. To respond to challenges of hate and extremism, cities must tap into their local services, experience and trusted relationships to mobilise a multi-sectoral city-led response.

This briefing paper reflects on SCN’s work to establish and operationalise Local Prevention Networks in cities in North Macedonia, Kenya, Jordan and Lebanon. It presents ten lessons learned can inform efforts to deploy similar multi-stakeholder approaches to prevention in SCN member cities and beyond. These lessons are particularly important as local authorities look to develop innovative and integrated approaches to prevent different forms of violence and address an increasingly hybridised threat landscape where the mainstreaming of hate, disinformation, conspiracies and extremism are threatening democratic values and institutions.