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About us City Directory

Member Cities

Strong Cities’ membership is global and includes cities in different geographic contexts. It is this diversity that provides a major strength of the Network; it means that wherever a city is located, whether urban or rural, there will be other cities that have similar interests, capacities and needs.

Not all aspects of our work will be relevant or needed for every city and cities are encouraged to self-select which aspects are most relevant. This is a Strong Cities core value: allowing cities with already quite advanced arrangements to interact at a level that suits them, while others may choose a deeper level of engagement relative to their needs.

Discover the Network

A global network of cities in different national and local contexts ensures that, wherever a city is located, there will be other cities facing similar challenges and with similar capacities and needs.

Regional Hubs

Catalysing the Strong Cities Mission

Strong Cities has Regional Hubs in East and Southern Africa, the Middle East and North Africa, South Asia, and the Western Balkans. Staffed by small teams of local experts, directly supported by the Central Team, the Regional Hubs work closely with cities, local leaders and practitioners to catalyse the Strong Cities mission at a regional level.