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Our Structure


Strong Cities is an independent, global network of cities, driven by the needs and priorities of cities. An International Steering Committee (ISC), comprised of a geographically diverse group of 25 member cities, provides overall strategic direction for the Network. A Management Unit drives programmatic delivery, and supports the ISC, and an Expert Pool provides advisory and other support to the Management Unit and members on an ad hoc basis.

International Steering Committee

The International Steering Committee (ISC) provides overall strategic direction for the Strong Cities Network. Comprised of a geographically diverse group of 25 members, the ISC works with the Management Unit to ensure that Network’s forward trajectory is driven by the need of our member cities.

Management Unit

The Management Unit, under the leadership of an Executive Director, drives the Network’s programmatic delivery and supports the International Steering Committee. Comprised of a Central Team and a series of field-based Regional Hubs, the Management Unit oversees the development and delivery of training and other capacity-building tools, spearheads the development of Strong Cities good practices, ensures lessons learned are being shared across regions and with global network , and coordinates engagement with national and international stakeholders.

Expert Pool

The Expert Pool includes current and former local government leaders, practitioners and external stakeholders with relevant experience and expertise. These individuals provide advisory and other support to the Strong Cities Management Unit and members on an ad hoc basis. For example, they can help inform key activities, facilitate peer-to-peer learnings, and develop and/or deliver training and technical support to the Network’s members. They can also help inform the work of both the Management Unit, including its Regional Hubs, and the ISC.

The Institute for Strategic Dialogue (ISD) worked with mayors and government partners to launch Strong Cities at a meeting during the opening of the UN General Assembly in 2015. Since then, ISD has expanded and supported Strong Cities membership and has delivered its programming. ISD continues to host the Management Unit and contributes its research and expertise to meet the policy and practice needs of cities and local governments around the world.

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