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Developing and Implementing Local Action Plans for Preventing and Countering Violent Extremism in East Africa

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This toolkit designed by SCN is a resource for governments (including local governments) and civil society organisations in East Africa who are interested in developing a Local Action Plan (LAP). LAPs seek to build a multisectoral approach to strengthening community resilience and addressing the root causes of violent extremism, polarisation and hate.

The toolkit builds upon the SCN’s experience in delivering locally-led programmes and supporting action plan development in Kenya, Jordan, Lebanon and North Macedonia, as well as international best practice from the SCN’s network of over 145 cities. Case studies are primarily drawn from SCN-funded projects in Kenya and supported by additional case studies from SCN programming globally.

The toolkit is based on Kenya’s experiences with localising the National Strategy to Counter Violent Extremism launched in 2016. The model, a classic example of national-local co-operation in P/CVE, is popularly referred to as County Action Plan (CAP). The CAP model serves as an emerging practice for the East Africa region and ties into wider international efforts on LAPs.