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Global Crises, Local Impacts: Threats to Social Cohesion and How Cities Can Respond

— 3 minutes reading time

Description: Given the range of threats facing cities in North America as a result of global crises – from COVID-19 and migration to the war in Ukraine, climate change and, most immediately, the Israel-Gaza conflict – Strong Cities launched a webinar series inviting mayors and other city officials, as well as experts from counter-hate research and other organisations, to discuss what cities are facing and how local leaders can most effectively manage inter-communal tensions resulting from these crises. This is the sixth in the series of monthly webinars.

Where & When: 23 May 2024, virtual  

Cities Represented:

For Mayors & Cities

Next Steps

The next session of this monthly webinar series will feature experts and city representatives from both Europe and North America and is scheduled for 26 June 2024. It will focus on the importance of promoting and maintaining civil discourse, especially in times of crisis.