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Fourth Global Summit — Unlocking the Potential of Cities to Address Hate Speech

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On 19 — 21 September 2023, Strong Cities Network held its Fourth Global Summit in New York City, which brought together over 240 participants, including city leaders and practitioners representing more than 115 cities from 50 countries globally. The Summit featured 11 events and provided city officials from diverse contexts with the opportunity to share and learn from promising practices for city-led prevention of hate, extremism and polarisation. Read the event report here.

The programme included a 20 September roundtable on the role of local governments in addressing hate speech, which was co-organised with the UN Office of Counter Terrorism (UNOCT) and the UN Office for the Prevention of Genocide and the Responsibility to Protect. The roundtable was organised to the growing number of mayors and local governments who have voiced concern to Strong Cities about the rising levels of hate in their communities, the potential for hate speech in particular to manifest into violence and challenges with mounting an effective response amidst its rapid spread – often fuelled by misinformation – via social media.


Event Report