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Endorse The Hague Mayoral Declaration on Preventing Hate, Extremism and Polarisation, and Safeguarding Local Democracy

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The Hague Mayoral Declaration remains open for endorsement by cities across Europe and North America who wish to work together to counter hate, extremism and polarisation, and safeguard local democracy. It outlines a series of practical steps they will take to address these challenges, and is a strong foundation for the Strong Cities Network’s continuing work with cities on both sides of the Atlantic.

Mayors wishing to add their city/municipality to the list of those who have endorsed this important declaration can submit their request to that effect to [email protected].

Cities which have endorsed the Mayoral Declaration:

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Antwerp, Belgium

Arnhem, The Netherlands 

Berlin, Germany 

Bodegraven-Reeuwijk, The Netherlands 

Bratislava, Slovakia 

Budapest, Hungary 

Budavár (Budapest I), Hungary 

Chattanooga, Tennessee, USA 

Columbus, Ohio, USA 

Delft, The Netherlands 

Denver, Colorado, USA 

Dusseldorf, Germany 

Eindhoven, The Netherlands 

Essen, Germany 

Florence, Italy 

Fredrikstad, Norway 

Greater Manchester Region, United Kingdom 

Gouda, The Netherlands 

Helsinki, Finland

Highland Park, Illinois, USA 

Houston, Texas, USA 

Kristiansand, Norway 

Leiden, The Netherlands 

London, United Kingdom 

Los Angeles, California, USA 

Montréal, Canada 

Malmö, Sweden 

Oslo, Norway 

Paris, France 

Poznań, Poland 

Prato, Italy 

Rotterdam, The Netherlands 

Seattle, Washington, USA 

Stamford, Connecticut, USA 

Strasbourg, France 

The Hague, The Netherlands 

Utrecht, The Netherlands 

Vilvoorde, Belgium 

Wroclaw, Poland 

Zilina, Slovakia