If you are a city leader working on a strategy for #COVID19, Cities for Global Health have developed a database of global initiatives that cities are sharing. Register and share yours here. #StrongCities citiesforglobalhealth.org pic.twitter.com/OL04Ikqa4X

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At #StrongCities we have been working to find leading online resources, toolkits and guides for #cities, community leaders and #civilsociety dealing with #COVID19, which we will continue to share in the weeks and months ahead. This is one of them: covid-local.org


While #cities and national governments have a vital part to play in countering the #Covid19 threat, there is an important role for the #publicsector and #civilsociety, as experts from Harvard @Kennedy_School explain. hks.harvard.edu/faculty-resea…

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The spread of #Covid19 has seen an equally harmful spread of global #misinformation and #disinformation. Here's how you can prevent the spread of harmful information, thanks to @BBCNews. bbc.co.uk/news/blogs-tre…

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مندوبون من كينيا والفلبين يلتقون مع نظرائهم الأمريكيين لبناء العلاقات وتبادل المعرفة

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كسر وصمة الإدانة: المدانون السابقون يقودون وثائقيًا جديدًا في السنغال

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إعادة التأهيل وإعادة الإدماج: الاستجابات على مستوى المدينة

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