How has #Brexit affected #unity in #UK? @policyatkings researched for @EngageBritain how both sides of the debate dislike each other, even though they don't necessarily disagree with their positions on issues that are important to them.…

About 2 days ago

#Inclusion & #resilience are both integral principles for the security of #communities, but they are often ill-defined. How can cities stay open & inclusive without appearing ‘soft’ on the #security challenges? Discussed at #LivingTogether in @Duesseldorf…

About 3 days ago

‘Young people are the future’. This is a truism, but the reality of growing #youth population makes the prospect a daunting one. Read the article by #YoungCities about why young activists are vital to the future of #cities, e.g. in #Lebanon & @villededakar…

About 4 days ago

Celebratory gunfire is a serious threat to life. Efforts by law enforcement to ban gunfire as part of celebrations have often failed. #Youth from @Strong_Cities member #Tripoli in #Lebanon came up with a novel approach to stop this threat

About 5 days ago

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العيش معًا: كيف يمكن أن تحفز المدن على الإدماج والقدرة على الصمود في عالم يتسم بالعولمة؟

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القاء الضوء على الممارسات: كيفية إيقاف تهديدات الرصاص الطائش في طرابلس

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معهد الحوار الاستراتيجي يطلق الدليل العملي لتنظيم الحملات – مورد تدريبي مجاني يتعلق بكيفية تصميم الحملات لتعزيز التماسك الاجتماعي

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