Are you a young person living in Lebanon? We want to hear from you! Take our SCN youth survey in Arabic to be part of our study on youth perceptions of Covid-19 and local and national responses!

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Webinar to Watch: 'Preventing Violent Extremism in the Classroom' at SXSW. A great webinar from @michaelduffin with excellent guest speakers, including @ISDglobal's @jkingy, former Anaheim @MayorTomTait and @Deeyah_Khan.…

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"A fair and objective judicial process aids in healing and enhancing the reputation and legitimacy of the criminal justice system as a whole". @DPkalya writes for #StrongCities…

About 2 days ago

We take a look at how #COVID19 #misinformation has affected community cohesion in India, in a new report by @AmarAmarasingam and @BeingBum. #StrongCities…

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#CoronaJihad: COVID-19, Misinformation, and Anti-Muslim Violence in India

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Opinion: Can Law Enforcement be a Positive Actor for Change?

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Three Years after they launched, Lebanon’s Local Prevention Networks are adapting to tackle a new threat – Covid-19

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