Mila Dragojevic's new book, Amoral Communities, explores the undercurrent of the Croatian war of the 1990s, and how peaceful communities turned on each other as moderates were ostracised and violence became normalised. Excellent interview by @BIRN_BTJ…


🇱🇧 We're immensely proud of the Community Prevention Network in Majdal Anjar, in cooperation with the Municipality of Majdal Anjar, who continue to train formal and private educational institutions on preventing violent extremism #StrongCities 🇱🇧…

About 3 days ago

PREORDER @julie_renbe's new book 'Going Dark', which delves into the tactics used by extremist groups to manipulate their members, exposes how prevalent extremist ideologies are, and looks at how they are being countered. @ISDglobal…

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"Although cities cover only 2% of the earth's surface, approximately 54% of humanity resides there". @ispionline's @tobiazevi writes on the increasing power of cities. (In Italian)…

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Reducing Violence is Not Impossible, and Cities Are Proving This

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How Cities Can Take the Leap from Policy to Action

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Look to cities, not nation-states, to solve our biggest challenges

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