In his article about foreign fighters and homegrown jihadis, @Shtuni focuses on the #WesternBalkans as the region with the highest number of returnees in Europe, representing a long-term security challenge. Read the full article on @CTCWP Sentinel

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Right-wing extremist groups and ideologies are rising in the global north. How should local authorities respond to this challenge? @Strong_Cities and @MOPACLdn organised a conference to address this question, read the highlights here


As part of their commitment to #PVE and #CVE, #Kenya mandated counties to develop County Action Plans to address violent extremism. Read about how @IsioloCountyGov, @LamuCountyKe and @NakuruCountyGov are faring with their mandate

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'This rise in what appear to be so-called lone-wolf attacks is actually a sign that the far right is becoming steadily more well-organised and well-armed' Read @julie_renbe and @CecileNGuerin's atricle in @POLITICOEurope

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Launch of Youth Engagement project with Kwale County, Kenya

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County Actions Plans in Kenya – Progress and Next Steps

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What we learnt: ‘New Risks, Old Threat’: Right-Wing Extremism Conference

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