International Steering Committee

The Strong Cities Network is driven by an International Steering Committee of 26 cities and municipalities from different regions across the globe. Cities and municipalities selected for the Steering Committee were chosen based on their leadership and commitment to sharing information and expertise through the SCN. Steering Committee members are drawn from different global regions to ensure diversity within the network.


International Steering Committee members:

Aarhus (Denmark); Antalya (Turkey); Atlanta (USA); Beirut (Lebanon); Copenhagen (Denmark); Dakar (Senegal); Denver (USA); Kaduna (Nigeria); Kano (Nigeria); Kiffa (Mauritania); Kristiansand (Norway); London (UK); Medellín (Colombia); Minneapolis (USA); Mombasa (Kenya); Montréal (Canada); Mumbai (India); New York City (USA); Oslo (Norway); Palermo (Italy); Paris (France); Puno (Peru); Rotterdam (Netherlands); Stockholm (Sweden); Tunis (Tunisia); Victoria (Australia).

The International Steering Committee convenes once a year at the SCN Global Summit to discuss the thematic priorities of the SCN and determine the strategic direction of the network. The SCN Steering Committee’s primary functions include:

  • Determining scope: supporting the Institute for Strategic Dialogue (ISD) in determining the overall strategic direction of the SCN, as well as the annual thematic priorities for action and delivery.
  • Sharing information: members commit to sharing needs assessments, local strategies, case studies and evaluation reports, among other resources with other SCN members through the online library.
  • Publicising the network: members actively endorse and publicise the SCN and their involvement in the network.
  • Increasing membership: assist in growing the overall membership-base of the SCN by connecting by connecting the SCN to other cities or sub-national entities, highlighting the project at regional events and conferences where appropriate, or publicising the network within existing national, regional and international networks of cities or local governments.
  • Annual meeting representation: attend an annual International Steering Committee meeting held on the margins of the Annual Strong Cities Global Summit.
  • In-kind contributions: demonstrate an openness to support ISD through in-kind contributions.