As part of their membership, strong cities are given access to a series of training modules on CVE tools that can be used at the municipal-level. Training modules are made up of a series of lessons containing prezis, video content and multiple-choice questions. Lessons are intended to provide practical steps for cities on how to use these tools effectively in their communities. Modules inform and test students’ knowledge while also providing information and support for policy-makers and practitioners operating at the local level.

Module participants are encouraged to use the comments section to provide feedback on lessons. This feedback will be incorporated into future modules to improve SCN training. 

Featured Modules

Module 1

Module 1: Counter-Narratives 

This module provides an introduction to counter-narratives and highlights how they can be used at the municipal-level by policy-makers and practitioners.





Module 2Module 2: Innovation Labs

This module provides an introduction to Innovation Labs and encourages city-level policy-makers and practitioners to engage in counter-narrative creation through Innovation Labs.