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Resource Hub

An open, living library of tools and guides to support mayors and cities in tackling hate, extremism and polarisation, and strengthening social cohesion. Practical tools, shaped by real-world examples and case studies, to support city-led, whole-of-society approaches to address a complex and evolving threat environment.

New guides for mayors and cities

Ahead of the Strong Cities Network Fourth Global Summit in New York, we have launched two new guides – one for mayors and one for cities – to support city-led efforts to address hate, extremism and polarisation.

Developed through consultations with local leaders and city officials in different contexts globally, the guides draw on experiences, good practices and advice from more than 100 local leaders and city officials, as well as a diversity of examples from city-led approaches to prevention and response.

Download the PDFs or explore our multi-media online tools. These guides will be critical resources for in-depth training and support provided by Strong Cities, including through our Regional Hubs, for mayors and city officials globally.

Comprehensive and inclusive mapping: Guidance for taking an inclusive approach to understanding key challenges, risks, vulnerabilities and needs, as well as mapping existing relevant local infrastructure, services and stakeholders that can support city-led prevention and response efforts.

Developing a strategy: Approaches and considerations for strengthening city-led efforts. This includes advice for mayors working with varied mandates and guidance to help cities articulate and institutionalise a data-driven, properly resourced and sustainable long-term, strategic framework.

Implementing prevention: A variety of approaches and considerations for mayors spearheading prevention efforts and for cities to develop primary, secondary or tertiary prevention initiatives depending on needs and means. It also includes advice for navigating particularly sensitive issues and implementing effective monitoring, evaluation and learning systems.

Responding to attacks: Considerations and approaches for mayors to navigate response in the immediate-, medium- and long-term following a hate or extremism-motivated attack in their city.

Coordination: Guidance for mayors and local governments on strengthening cooperation with their national counterparts and operationalising a whole-of-society approach that engages a variety of local stakeholders.

Supporting city needs

Hate, extremism and polarisation continue to spread around the world. Although global challenges, the threat is increasingly connected to local grievances, rooted in local experiences and impacting local communities. Mayors, and the governments they lead, are on the frontlines of the threat, often the first to respond, and have to manage the long-term fallout. Strong Cities is committed to providing mayors and cities with the resources they need to address these challenges.

Let us know what tools or support your mayor and city need to support their role in prevention and response.

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