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Online Extremism in Slovakia: Actors, Topics, Platforms & Strategies

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In response to the mainstreaming of extremism in Slovak society and politics, SCN conducted an analysis of social media in the Slovak language. This study looked at how extremist content is being spread online, what discourses are used by extremist actors, and on which platforms this content is being spread. While local governments and civil society know how polarisation and extremism affects their local community offline, there is less understanding of these issues online. The analysis this report presents therefore aims to fill a critical gap for local governments and municipalities in understanding the online ecosystem that feeds extremism at the community level.

This study maps Slovak extremism on Facebook, Instagram and Telegram. The research identified 375 pages, groups, accounts or channels across these three platforms that were spreading extremist content, comprising 11,779 posts that contain extremist views. Included among the identified actors were known parties from the Slovak far-right, individuals and movements spreading both extreme-right and extreme-left ideologies, conspiracy theories and alternative media outlets actively spreading disinformation.