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Strong Cities Facilitation of GCTF National-Local Cooperation Workshops

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On 29 November and 6 December 2021, Strong CIties facilitated two virtual workshops organised by the GCTF Countering Violent Extremism (CVE) Working Group focused on the implementation of the GCTF’s good practices on strengthening national-local cooperation in preventing and countering violent extremism. The goals were to raise awareness of the good practices among a variety of national and local and government and non-governmental stakeholders and provide them with the opportunity to share and discuss the barriers to national-local cooperation in P/CVE in their different contexts and possible ways to overcome them. These events are part of a larger GCTF initiative that will culminate in 2023 with the development of a GCTF toolkit to facilitate implementation of the NLC Good Practices. Please see the GCTF website for more information on these events and the wider initiative of which they are a part.

The SCN team has identified a number of discussion points in the workshops that are particularly relevant for the network members and partners:

1. Overcoming a Siloed Approach to P/CVE: The Importance of Sub-National Actors

2. Trust-Building: A Critical Feature of Multi-Actor P/CVE Efforts

3. Lack of Data and Challenges for Monitoring and Evaluation

4. Resources and Sustainability