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Impact: Catalysing City-Led Prevention

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Since the launch of a new Regional Hub structure in late 2022, and a new three-year Global Strategy in 2023, the Strong Cities Network has broadened and deepened its engagement with cities around the globe. This includes existing members, cities that have since joined the Network, and ones that are in the process of doing so. As a result, in different regions, more mayors, governors and other local leaders, as well as the governments they lead, have been able to benefit from Strong Cities’ support and guidance. Among other things, this has allowed more cities – big, small, urban, rural – to share with and learn from each other’s experiences in preventing and responding to hate- and extremist-motivated violence and polarisation. More local leaders and governments now not only have a better understanding of the often-unique roles they can play in whole-of-society approaches to addressing these challenges in their communities, cities and countries, but – crucially – how to operationalise and sustain them.

As part of our commitment to inspire, and highlight examples of, city-led prevention and response, and to demonstrate the practical affect it is having on cities around the globe, Strong Cities has identified the following impact stories; each one shows the impact that has resulted from a city’s engagement with the Strong Cities Network. These stories are organised into five categories:

  1. Inspiring City-Led Action Through Peer Learning
  2. Facilitating City-Led Multi-Actor Collaboration
  3. Strengthening City-Led Youth Engagement
  4. Country-Wide National-Local Dialogues
  5. Global Crises, Local Impacts