Youth from Ain el-Hillweh Refugee Camp in Saida launch their campaign

Youth from the Ain El-Hillweh Refugee Camp in Saida (Lebanon) launched their campaign – an online show – aiming to break negative stereotypes of Palestinian refugees in Lebanon.

The campaign kicked off following a three-day workshop in Beirut last May. The workshop, organised by SCN in collaboration with YouthCAN, brought together 23 Youth Participants with 16 Prevention Network members from across Lebanon.

On 15 August, the group filmed with Bilal Mohammed Al-Qassim, a young dancer who dedicates most of his free time to teaching dabke (a traditional form of Palestinian folk dance) to youth in the camp.

In September, the youth invited their second guest: a Palestinian author from Syria now living in Ain El-Helweh who delivers training to youth on creative writing and using spoken word as modes of expression. Upcoming episodes will each shine a spotlight on different characters within the camp including artists, teachers, CSO representatives and social media influencers.

In addition to tackling the negative image of Ain Al-Hilweh, this campaign aims to build up the capacity and confidence of refugees from the camp by providing them with an avenue to create original content and tell their own stories.

Updates and episodes are released on the campaign’s Facebook page. A link for the promo video can be found here.

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