Young Cities

Empowering Youth. Strengthening Communities.

Young Cities empowers young activists to drive social change at the local level. We enhance their capacities through tailored training programmes; create opportunities for them to develop and lead their own projects through grants and dedicated support; elevate their voices within the local ecosystem by connecting them with local government and civil society actors; and work to improve youth-inclusive policy and practice around the world.

Strong Cities Network's Youth Pillar

Young Cities utilises the insights and experience of Strong Cities’ collaboration with local governments, jointly enabling the development of whole-of-community solutions to the shared challenges of hate, polarisation and extremism. The programme balances the breadth of the Network’s engagement globally, with deep, meaningful programming at the local level – by offering municipal government the immediate and tangible opportunity to collaborate with its youth and civil society on issues they co-define and on solutions they co-create.

Strong Cities recognises that young people are uniquely placed to affect change. They are passionate, committed and in-tune with local grievances and conflict dynamics. Furthermore, they often have access to their peers that other actors lack. When included and supported, they bring these qualities into driving local solutions, often providing fresh perspective and acting as authentic, credible messengers to others in their communities.

Community-Led Approaches

Young Cities employs proven capacity building models tailored to each local context. The programme provides training to build knowledge and skills and ongoing support to apply them toward tangible outcomes that enhance the P/CVE efforts of a given city. Young Cities offers small grants and individualised support for young peacebuilders and city officials, to launch collaborative, community-led initiatives that address the challenges that undermine social cohesion and further community vulnerabilities to hate, polarisation, extremism and violence.  

It further works to inform local policy and practice to ensure they are youth-oriented, bottom up as well as the top down, and advance the mutual interests of young people and policymakers. In this way, communities themselves can drive change and provide the direction.

Young Cities in Numbers

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“One of the things that really surprised me about the Young Cities programme is its ability to allow young people to discover their potential and creativity - their innovative ideas that would never have been discovered if you were just running programmes in the normal way.” Yusuf Lule Mwatsefu. Executive Director, Human Rights Agenda (HURIA)