Working Groups

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Working Group 1: counter-narratives and local communications

Working Group 2: refugees and internal displacement

Working Group 3: public-private partnerships

About the SCN Working Groups

The Strong Cities Network launched three members’ working groups in May 2016, with specific remits on key areas of local CVE development. Each working group was chaired by an SCN member city, with day-to-day management and research overseen by the Institute for Strategic Dialogue.

SCN working groups were designed to be collaborative forums for research and best practice sharing between member cities and ran for two years. The final output of the SCN working groups were the position papers, which have been amended to include additional case studies and link to current SCN delivery.







Working Group 1: Counter-Narratives & Local Communications

Chair: H.E. Hassan Ali Joho, Governor of Mombasa, Kenya

Members: Antwerp (Belgium); Augsburg (Germany); Bordeaux (France); Buenos Aires (Argentina); Cali (Colombia); Cuenca (Ecuador); Dakar (Senegal); Dresden (Germany); Helsinki (Finland); Kolofata (Cameroon); Kristiansand (Norway); Los Angeles (USA); Malé (Maldives); Malmö (Sweden); Meri/ Diamare (Cameroon); Mombasa (Kenya); Montreuil (France); Novi Pazar (Serbia); Palermo (Italy); Prishtina (Kosovo); Rotterdam (Netherlands); Sarcelles (France); Vilvoorde (Belgium), Yaoundé II (Cameroon).


Working group 1: position paper


Working Group 2: Refugees & Internal Displacement

Chair: Jørgen Kristiansen, Deputy Mayor of Kristiansand, Norway

Members: Antwerp (Belgium); Augsburg (Germany); Cali (Colombia); Cuenca (Ecuador); Gjilan (Kosovo); Helsinki (Finland); Kristiansand (Norway); Los Angeles (USA); Malé (Maldives); Medellín (Colombia); Palermo (Italy); Peshawar (Pakistan); Sarcelles (France).


Working group 2: position paper


Working Group 3: Public-Private Partnerships

Chair: Mark Duckworth, Chief Resilience Officer, Victoria, Australia

Members: Augsburg (Germany); Aurora (USA); Bordeaux (France); Buenos Aires (Argentina); Cali (Colombia); Dakar (Senegal); Dhaka South (Bangladesh); Gjilan (Kosovo); Helsinki (Finland); Los Angeles (USA); Malé (Maldives); Montreuil (France); Narayanganj (Bangladesh); Palermo (Italy); Pignon (Haiti); Prishtina (Kosovo); Sarcelles (France); Victoria (Australia); Vilvoorde (Belgium); Vushtrri (Kosovo); Yaoundé II (Cameroon).



Working group 3: position paper