Together For Safety Webinar #4: The Power of Youth

Last week Nordic Safe Cities and the Strong Cities Network hosted the third of the 2021 Together for Safety Talks, a series of online talks which tackles pressing urban safety and security challenges with a key focus on addressing hate, polarisation and extremism across the Nordics and in cities around the world. We thank all who joined the conversation last week, and encourage you to share the invitation to this weeks webinar with any young people, youth organisations or relevant partners in your network. The fourth and final webinar in this series is now open for registration.

The Power of Youth

Thursday 11 February 2021
09:00 Washington DC
14:00 London
15:00 Copenhagen
17:00 Nairobi
19:30 New Delhi
22:00 Manila

Our final webinar will focus exclusively on young people. Youth not only have the potential to drive forward positive change, but are already actively involved in building stronger, safer and more inclusive societies on a daily basis.

To open, we will hear from a youth theatre coordinator and a former-extremist on how and why they came to leave. This will be followed by our first session, which highlights innovative youth-led activities that have tackled key challenges in their local communities to provide inspiration to other youth, policymakers and practitioners alike.

In our second panel, one youth organisation will share how they use storytelling in theatre and arts to engage on challenging topics such as violent extremism, and manage to reach a wide variety of youth audiences beyond the usual suspects.

Our final session of this series looks at ways in which cities can positively engage youth in building stronger, safer and more inclusive local communities. Bringing together different perspectives from civil society and the city-level, we will explore how cities can not only drive greater collaboration with young people, but also deepen a sense of belonging for young people of all backgrounds.

Politicians, practitioners, experts and youths from both the public, private and civic sector are invited to join the conversation. Prior registration is required.

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