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Practice Spotlight: Human libraries – Preventing Violent Extremism through Dialogue

In ‘The Human Library’, people are books. Designed as a way to challenge stereotypes and prejudices, each ‘book’ is an opportunity for people to share their personal stories with the readers to foster discussions on sensitive topics. These books are given categories which often provoke strong reactions, such as ‘Molested’, ‘HIV’, ‘Homeless’, or ‘Refugee,’ which…
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Lebanon: Strong Cities dialogue session with the National PVE unit

Last week, the Strong Cities Network, in partnership with the National PVE Coordinator of Lebanon and the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, hosted a consultation meeting with Community Prevention Network members of Saida, Majdal Anjar and Tripoli. The meeting was headed by the National PVE coordinator, Rubina Abou Zeinab, and was conducted in the presence…
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