SCN Showcase Event in Lebanon

Every year, the Strong Cities Network (SCN) in Lebanon organises a showcasing event during the month of Ramadan. The event is an opportunity for the three Local Prevention Networks (LPN) of Saida, Majdal Anjar and Tripoli to come together and reflect on their Prevention of Violent Extremism (PVE) work and achievements under the SCN programme and to showcase activities to project partners ranging from UN agencies to embassies.

SCN Senior Regional Programme Manager Khadije Nasser inaugurated the event by thanking the three partner mayors for their commitment to PVE and for supporting the three LPNs in their PVE efforts. The mayors and municipal focal points were given awards in recognition of their achievements leading the Local Prevention Networks. An award was also given to the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs to express gratitude for its valued support to SCN these past three years.

LPN Focal Points highlighted the work they have been leading in each city and the activities that they coordinated in the networks, including teacher trainings, PVE camps for youth, media campaigns, and Scout trainings. They also expressed appreciation of their municipalities’ leading role in PVE.

Adam Ravnkilde, the Regional Counter Terrorism Coordinator for the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs expressed his pride to have supported and collaborated with Lebanese cities and their mayors on what is an important step forward in PVE.

Youth from the SCN activity ‘Tripoli Express’ performing

The youth from the flagship SCN activity ‘Tripoli Express’ performed two songs they had written about the hardships they face living in their city but also about their hopes and aspirations. The songs impressed the guests and carried a strong message of peace, tolerance and cohesion.

On behalf of everyone at SCN, we wish to thank all our LPN members and all who participated in and contributed to making the latest SCN Showcasing Event such a success.

This included:

  • Katrine Hoyer, Deputy Head of Mission, Danish Embassy
  • Mayor Mohamad Zuhair Saoudi, Mayor of Saida
  • Mayor Saeed Yassine, Mayor of Majdal Anjar
  • Sheikh Mohamad Abu Zeid, Saida Court “Sharia” Judge and Saida LPN Member
  • Fatima Khalil, Lebanese Ministry of Social Affairs

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