SCN Community Prevention Network Showcase

The SCN recently hosted an event in Jordan showcasing the work of Community Prevention Networks (CPNs) working to prevent violent extremism across Zarqa, Karak, and Irbid.

Established by the SCN, the Community Prevention Networks have worked closely with their local municipalities and the Jordanian Ministry of Municipal Affairs (MoMA) over the past two years under the patronage of the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

During the event, expressions were voiced for the continued support of the Community Prevention Networks.

This is a significant step for the CPNs, and a public recognition of their value at both a local and national level in PVE efforts. Embedding the crucial work of the CPNs at both a ministerial and municipal level in this way lays the foundations for their sustainability. In working with local municipalities, the CPNs bridge the vital gap between grassroots PVE efforts and local government.

You can read more about the CPNs in our articles here and here, as well as in their coverage by EuroMeSCo here: Preventing Violent Extremism in Lebanon: Experience from a Danish-Lebanese Partnership.



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