Refugee Responses | Part 1: The Crisis Moment

On Thursday 26 May 2022, the Strong Cities Network (SCN) launched the first in a four-part webinar series on one of the most pressing urban issues of our time: city-level responses to refugee flows. The series explores different city-level responses across the refugee response cycle, bringing together officials and non-government actors from across the world to share their experiences. In the first of these webinars, we examine the short-term responses of local governments when faced with large-scale population movements.


  • Nyanjura Doreen, Deputy Lord Mayor Kampala
  • Armin Seif, Head of the Integration Agency of the German Red Cross, Bochum. Councilor for Integration and Refugee Affairs, Bochum City Council
  • Fayrouz Saad, Former Executive Director of Global Michigan and Former Director of the Detroit Office of Immigrant Affairs


  • Jasmine El Gamal, Senior Manager AMEA, Institute for Strategic Dialogue

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