Practice Spotlight: Edmonton Resiliency Project

Located in Alberta, Canada, the city of Edmonton has been an SCN member since March 2019. In that time, the city has been working hard to finalise the first of an ambitious three-phase plan to build better awareness of and resiliency against radicalization to violence radicalisation among its community. The report detailed below is a summary of that effort, and was submitted by the City of Edmonton to the SCN.  If your city is working on a topic of interest related to P/CVE, feel free to submit any information to [email protected]

Four years ago, in response to community concerns, the Edmonton Police Service Youth Services Section was requested to provide presentations on the warning signs of radicalisation. To address this issue, the Edmonton Police Service and the City of Edmonton partnered with the Organization for the Prevention of Violence in 2016 to create The Resiliency Project, which aims to work with the public to understand, prevent, and counter violent extremism through public engagement, education, research, and intervention.

What The Resiliency Project has just released is the results of the first step in its Public Engagement plan, which recognises the importance of involving the public in the development of projects and the necessity of transparency to their success and delivery.

The first phase (inform and contact) involved a series of conversations with 55 community stakeholders, including non-profit, faith-based, youth and government organisations, in order to better understand the perspectives and needs of front-line staff and practitioners in relation to radicalisation. 

Two more phases are due to follow in a framework that will continue through to 2020 and beyond, and is consistent with similar frameworks used by Ottawa Police’s MERIT Project and the International Associate for Public Participation. Phase Two will be to build focus groups and broader public engagement plans, paving the way for Phase Three to begin, in which the projects and collaborations informed by phases one and two can commence in full.

Click here to view the full report.

This report was provided to the SCN by the city of Edmonton. If your city is working on a topic of interest related to P/CVE, feel free to submit any information to [email protected]

Click here for the full report.

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