Official Statement of Solidarity with Istanbul

Strong Cities Network stands in solidarity with Istanbul

June 29, 2016

We the Mayors, Governors and local authority leaders of the Strong Cities Network are deeply saddened by the horrific terrorist attack on Istanbul Atatürk Airport yesterday.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the families of those killed and injured, and with the people of Istanbul in the wake of this horrific attack.

Little over a month ago, Mayor Topbaş and the City of Istanbul stood with us in Antalya, where the Strong Cities Network brought together cities across the world united in countering violent extremism. Mayor Topbaş spoke with passion and conviction at the opening of that event, calling on cities to work together to share their learning in creating stronger, more cohesive communities, resilient to hate, violence and terror.

Today we stand with the people of Istanbul in their hour of need.

We have every confidence that the City of Istanbul will confront terror and move forward with grace and resilience, undeterred by the actions of those who seek to destroy lives and divide communities. Their strength and determination in the face of this attack will show that those who seek to intimidate and undermine our communities achieve only the opposite of their aims.

But today we grieve for those who lost their lives and we deplore the actions of those who perpetrated this brutal attack. We stand together with our communities, united in solidarity with the City of Istanbul.

The Strong Cities Network

The city members of the Strong Cities Network include: Aarhus (Denmark); Antalya (Turkey); Antwerp (Belgium); Atlanta (USA); Beirut (Lebanon); Birmingham (UK); Bordeaux (France); Buenos Aires (Argentina); Cair (Macedonia); Cali (Colombia); Centar (Bosnia and Herzegovina); Chattanooga (USA); Copenhagen (Denmark); Dakar (Senegal); Denver (USA); Dresden (Germany); Gjilan (Kosovo); Helsinki (Finland); Kaçanik (Kosovo); Kaduna (Nigeria); Kano (Nigeria); Kiffa (Mauritania); Kolofata (Cameroon); Kousseri (Cameroon); Kristiansand (Norway); London (UK); Los Angeles (USA); Malaga (Spain); Malmö (Sweden); Medellín (Colombia); Méri (Cameroon); Minneapolis (USA); Mokolo (Cameroon); Mombasa (Kenya); Montgomery County (USA); Montréal (Canada); Mumbai (India); New York (USA); Novi Pazar (Serbia); Ohrid (Macedonia); Oslo (Norway); Palermo (Italy); Paris (France); Pec/Peja (Kosovo); Puno (Peru); Rotterdam (The Netherlands); Sarcelles (France); Stockholm (Sweden); Tunis (Tunisia); Ulcinj  (Montenegro); Victoria (Australia); Vilvoorde (Belgium); and Yaoundé II (Cameroon).

Click here to download the full statement.

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