Discussing social cohesion at International Dresden Dialogue

International Dresden Dialogue

On 2-3 October 2017, the International Dresden Dialogue conference brought together mayors, international organisations and NGOs, academics and media figures from across Europe to discuss today’s key urban challenges, spanning social and economic inequality, community polarisation, and preventing and countering violent extremism.


Hosted by Mayor Dirk Hilbert, and drawing contributions from several cities including Dresden, Strasbourg and Munich, a mayoral roundtable outlined the urban challenges and strengths across European cities, drawing on specific projects and policy measures aimed at strengthening social cohesion and building resilience. Exchanging best practice and lessons learned directly between mayors, participants took away a series of practical policy recommendations relevant to different contexts. Further discussions encompassed important issues around using media, including social media, to connect communities more effectively and how cultural and arts initiatives can bring communities together.

Our thanks to the City of Dresden for a wide-ranging and important dialogue, bringing cities together on key issues central to the work of the SCN.



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