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Articles and commentary about the Strong Cities Network in media sources

Why Liveability Indexes Need a Rethink

Authors: Jonathan Birdwell, Joe Downy, Strong Cities Network With the global rise of xenophobia and extremism, it is vital that liveability indexes consider city-level community polarisation – our “ability to live together.” Last month, The Economist published its latest Global Liveability Index (GLI). After a reign at the top of the list for seven years, Melbourne was displaced by Vienna…
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Can Cities Stop Wars? SCN in the Western Balkans

Author: Daniel Hooton Daniel Hooton, Project Coordinator at ISD, argues that this month’s anniversary of the Srebrenica massacre serves as a grim reminder of the consequences of escalated ethnic, religious and nationalist tensions in the Western Balkans. As the region readies itself for the anticipated return of foreign fighters following the collapse of the Daesh…
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SCN Interview: Ricardo Gambetta

City: Aurora, CO (United States) Role: Manager, Office of International and Immigrant Affairs Aurora joined the Strong Cities Network in July 2016, building on rich experience in working to support a strong and cohesive community in which everybody has a stake. In this interview, we spoke to Ricardo Gambetta about his work to support immigrant…
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Collaboration in Countering Violent Extremism: Reflections on Habitat III

By Daniel Hooton, Strong Cities Network Associate   For a field that prides itself on maxims of prevention, pre-emption, and stopping extremist violence at source, we don’t work enough with other sectors and apply the lessons we ourselves urge others to take up. Were we to do so, we could make our work more effective,…
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Beyond Narco-Trafficking: The Lessons of Medellín

Authors: Daniel Hooton & Sabine Barton, Strong Cities Network Once branded the world’s most dangerous city, Colombia’s second city has transformed into a vibrant hub for innovation, putting inclusion and cohesion at the centre of its efforts to tackle violent crime. The valuable lessons learnt along the way reach far beyond drug crime and can be…
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