Victoria, Australia


Victoria’s population is among the fastest growing and most multicultural in Australia, forged by successive waves of immigration. Victoria’s greatest assets are its open, accepting and diverse society. By international comparisons, Victoria is one of the world’s most successful and cohesive multicultural nations and is frequently recognised as one of the world’s most liveable cities. Figures from the 2016 census showed that more than one in four Victorians reported being born overseas  and nearly half (49%) of all Australians Victorians were either born outside Australia or had at least one parent born outside Australia. People from all over the world have chosen to make Victoria their home, bringing with them their experience, their heritage and their culture.

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Australia is a federation of six states and two mainland territories, with three tiers of government, comprising national, state/territory and local.  The national, state and territory governments work closely together under a national framework approach to prevent and counter violent extremism (PVE and CVE). Formal cooperation mechanisms include an overarching national committee and working groups addressing particular PVE and CVE priorities which enable the sharing of information, resources and expertise. At the same time, under our federal structure, each level of government is able to adopt and implement approaches to PVE and CVE that meet local needs and priorities.

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As Victoria’s capital city, Melbourne is a fast-growing, highly diverse city and home to over 4 million people. Greater Melbourne is a sprawling city covering 31 separate municipalities. It has cultural precincts that are home to specific cultural communities, but greater Melbourne is also characterised by strong diversity within municipalities. For example, Greater Dandenong is home to people from 157 different birth countries, where more than half of all residents were born outside Australia and more than 70% of people speak a language other than English. Melbourne is one of the 100 Resilient Cities, and has been recognised as one of the world’s most liveable cities.

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Local Political Leadership

Name: Premier Daniel Andrews

Role: Premier of Victoria

Premier Daniel Andrews