Assessment of Macedonia's efforts in countering violent extremism, view from civil society

Document IconAuthor: Analytica (2016)

This policy study aims to provide a better understanding of Macedonia’s specific situation when it comes to violent extremism. Moreover, it attempts to map the current
trend of violent extremism (VE) in Macedonia and the Western Balkans region by underlining the driving forces for VE, while also looking at the institutional and legal response
in the country in regards to VE. More specifically, it unveils what has so far been done institutionally to tackle this issue, while analysing the latest legal amendments and
examining what effects they have produced on the ground, in order to be able to provide practical and policy-relevant recommendations to a number of relevant stakeholders
that work directly on the topic of countering and preventing violent religious extremism. The policy study also looks into the process of de-radicalization and resocialization of returning foreign fighters.

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