Mombasa County delegation travels to Kristiansand for SCN City Exchange

From 19 to 23 March, the City of Kristiansand hosted a high-level delegation from Mombasa County for a bilateral exchange, building cooperation and shared learning to build resilience against violent extremism in both cities.

The Mombasa-Kristiansand exchange focused on the key themes of prevention and resilience building among local youth, implementation of local P/CVE action plans, and multi-agency cooperation.

The visit included a series of training workshops and round table discussions, including with the Mayor and Deputy Mayor of Kristiansand, the local crime prevention teams in the municipality and police department, the Norwegian Institute for the Prevention of Radicalisation and Violent Extremism, the United Nations Association of Norway, and a range of local CSOs and community leaders. A high-level delegation traveled to Kristiansand to attend these sessions, including Munywoki Kyalo, County Executive Committee member in charge of Youth, Gender, Sports, and Cultural; and Munira Hamisi, Director for P/CVE in the Office of the Governor of Mombasa County.

One comment on “Mombasa County delegation travels to Kristiansand for SCN City Exchange

  1. kavata on

    We need to borrow alot from Kristiancity good practice.
    Mombasa can reclaim it’s glory by filling the social perforation that have permeated leading to young people engagement in violent extremism.
    Congratulations to the young minds of Munywoki and Munira.
    light the candle for Mombasa.


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