Youth Policy of the City of Bijeljina 2013 – 2018

Document IconAuthor: City of Bijeljina (2013)


The Youth Policy identified a number of issues the City of Bijeljina should work on in order to improve the position of young people and their prospects in society.  The issues young people in Bijeljina are faced with include unemployment, lack of information exchange and information flow, lack of education opportunities, problems with the law, lack of youth involvement in decision making processes, gender misbalance, lack of cultural activities, lack of mobility among young people, low level of awareness when it comes to environment and ecology and a poor involvement in sport, recreation and health related activities.

Among the issues aggressive behavior and violence have been identified as problems too. The measures the Youth Policy of the City of Bijeljina 2013-2018 foresees in this regard include establishment of the youth counseling center and a pool of experts that would work on addressing these issues.

Furthermore, the document foresees establishment of the Youth Office that would deal with the most of above mentioned issues in a more coordinated and structured manner.

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