Official Statement of Solidarity with Karak, Jordan

Strong Cities Network stands in solidarity with Karak, Jordan

19 December 2016


On behalf of the Mayors, Governors and member cities of the Strong Cities Network around the world, we express our deepest sadness at events in Karak, Jordan yesterday, 18 December 2016.

In the past month, the Strong Cities Network has developed an important partnership with the Municipality of Karak, with support from the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs. On working together to counter violent extremism and build on lessons from Denmark and across the Network, this partnership aims confront threats, prevent violence, and protect communities.

These priorities, challenges and threats are shared around the world and across our membership, and it is with our heartfelt condolences that we extend a hand of friendship and solidarity to the people of Karak. To the friends, families and loved ones of those who have lost their lives in this attack, we offer our deepest sympathies. Our thoughts go out to all those wounded and affected.

We stand together to reject hate, terror and violence, confident in our shared determination to build stronger, safer communities and prevent violent extremism.


The Strong Cities Network


The city members of the Strong Cities Network include: Aarhus (Denmark); Antalya (Turkey); Antwerp (Belgium); Atlanta (USA); Augsburg (Germany); Aurora (United States); Beirut (Lebanon); Birmingham (UK); Bordeaux (France); Buenos Aires (Argentina); Bujanovac (Serbia); Cair (Macedonia); Cali (Colombia); Centar (Bosnia and Herzegovina); Chanchamayo (Peru); Chattanooga (USA); Copenhagen (Denmark); Cuenca (Ecuador); Dakar (Senegal); Denver (USA); Dhaka South (Bangladesh); Dresden (Germany); Envigado (Colombia); Ferizaj (Kosovo); Gjakova (Kosovo); Gjilan (Kosovo); Helsinki (Finland); Jablanica (Bosnia and Herzegovina); Kaçanik (Kosovo); Kaduna (Nigeria); Kano (Nigeria); Karak (Jordan); Kiffa (Mauritania); Kolofata (Cameroon); Kousseri (Cameroon); Kristiansand (Norway); London (UK); Los Angeles (USA); Malaga (Spain); Malé (Maldives); Malmö (Sweden); Medellín (Colombia); Méri (Cameroon); Minneapolis (USA); Mokolo (Cameroon); Mombasa (Kenya); Montgomery County (USA); Montréal (Canada); Montreuil (France); Mumbai (India); Narayanganj (Bangladesh); New York (USA); Novi Pazar (Serbia); Ohrid (Macedonia); Oslo (Norway); Palermo (Italy); Paris (France); Pec/Peja (Kosovo); Peshawar (Pakistan); Pignon (Haiti); Prijedor (Bosnia and Herzegovina); Prishtina (Kosovo); Prizren (Kosovo); Puno (Peru); Rotterdam (The Netherlands); Saida (Lebanon); Sarcelles (France); Stockholm (Sweden); Tripoli (Lebanon); Tunis (Tunisia); Ulcinj  (Montenegro); Viborg (Denmark); Victoria (Australia); Vilvoorde (Belgium); Vushtrri (Kosovo) and Yaoundé II (Cameroon).

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