Official Statement of Solidarity with Orlando, Florida

Strong Cities Network stands in solidarity with Orlando

June 14, 2016

We the Mayors, Governors and local authority leaders of the Strong Cities Network are deeply shocked and saddened by the horrific attack that took place in the City of Orlando this week.

We wish to convey our deepest sympathy and condolences on behalf of our cities in this difficult time. Our thoughts and prayers are with the victims’ families and all those who have lost loved ones in this senseless attack.

Those who perpetrate hate, violence and terror seek to divide us, destroy lives and families, sow hate and fear in our communities, and undermine the values for which we stand. Our greatest asset is our resolve, our unity, our respect for one another, and our solidarity with friends around the world.

We are united in our solidarity with Orlando and its citizens, and stand together with our communities, committed to doing everything in our power to prevent this kind of tragedy.

The Strong Cities Network

The city members of the Strong Cities Network include: Aarhus (Denmark); Antalya (Turkey); Antwerp (Belgium); Atlanta (USA); Beirut (Lebanon); Birmingham (UK); Bordeaux (France); Buenos Aires (Argentina); Cair (Macedonia); Cali (Colombia); Centar (Bosnia and Herzegovina); Chattanooga (USA); Copenhagen (Denmark); Dakar (Senegal); Denver (USA); Dresden (Germany); Gjilan (Kosovo); Helsinki (Finland); Kaçanik (Kosovo); Kaduna (Nigeria); Kano (Nigeria); Kiffa (Mauritania); Kolofata (Cameroon); Kousseri (Cameroon); Kristiansand (Norway); London (UK); Malaga (Spain); Malmö (Sweden); Medellín (Colombia); Méri (Cameroon); Minneapolis (USA); Mokolo (Cameroon); Mombasa (Kenya); Montgomery County (USA); Montréal (Canada); Mumbai (India); New York (USA); Novi Pazar (Serbia); Ohrid (Macedonia); Oslo (Norway); Palermo (Italy); Paris (France); Pec/Peja (Kosovo); Puno (Peru); Rotterdam (The Netherlands); Sarcelles (France); Stockholm (Sweden); Tunis (Tunisia); Ulcinj  (Montenegro); Victoria (Australia); Vilvoorde (Belgium); and Yaoundé II (Cameroon).

Click here to download the full statement.

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