In the spotlight: Montgomery County Model

The Montgomery County Model (MCM) is an innovative community-led model developed by WORDE in partnership with Montgomery County. It focuses on generating public awareness about the risk factors of violent extremism and empowering the appropriate figures to intervene with vulnerable individuals before they choose a path of violence. Part of the initiative operates through the Faith Community Working Group (FCWG), an official body within the Montgomery County Executive’s Office of Community Partnerships. It deepens the understanding of diverse faith traditions and coordinates, facilitates and enriches interfaith collaborations.

The MCM is an early-warning system based on four interrelated actions: engaging, educating, connecting and intervening. The latter is carried out through the Crossroads Program, a free specialist care initiative for Montgomery County residents from the Middle East, South Asia, and North/East/West Africa who are currently underserved by existing county programs and who may be vulnerable to violent extremism.

To learn more about the Montgomery County Model, please visit their website.

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