SCN Global Summit

The SCN brings together members and partners annually at the SCN Global Summit. The event connects SCN members across all global regions with each other and enables best practice sharing, in-depth engagement on local challenges and strategies, and targeted practitioner training. Following the official network launch at the UN General Assembly in New York in 2015, the second Global Summit was held in Antalya,Turkey in May 2016. The City of Aarhus, Denmark hosted the third Global Summit in May 2017.

The SCN is guided by a 25-city and region International Steering Committee, which meets annually on the margins of the Global Summit.

For more on each of our Global Summits, follow the links below:

The launch of the SCN at UGNA in New York, September 2015.

Launch, UNGA | New York 2015

SCN Global Summit 2016: Antalya, Turkey

Global Summit 2016 | Antalya, Turkey

SCN Global Summit in Aarhus, May 2017.

Global Summit 2017 | Aarhus, Denmark